Friday, November 2, 2007


Well, I am finally finished with boxes and life is starting to feel a little back to normal. I had a bunch of help from my mom who flew over to help me get settled in, and keep me company while Ryan was in El Salvador. We worked nonstop for 4 days hanging pictures, hanging light fixtures, changing faucets and a whole lot more. My mom was a huge help. Thanks mom! Later that week we went to San Francisco with Ryan's law office. We had a great time! The wives took in the sights and shopping and the husbands took in continued legal education classes and football. We all took in some really great restaurants and food. With all the unpacking and traveling, this is really our first weekend to spend time at home and enjoy it.
Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Max has not had a difficult time making new friends. Check this one out, Ryan informed us it was a baby rattler. Good thing it's dead. We still kept it though. Max wants to watch it decompose so he can see the snakes skeletal system. Lucky me:)

This is looking out our master bathroom at 10:00 am during the bad fires in San Diego area. The picture doesn't even come close to what it really looked like. The sun and sky were totally red. It looked like Mars.

This is the El Salvador crew: Ryan, Rob, Dustin, and Derek.

They stayed at a really cool modern place in the middle of an earthy paradise, not to mention right in front of a great surf break.

Max and Abby have enjoyed going to school together. Max holds Abby's hand every morning and walks her to her class, I think it is the cutest thing ever. I know it won't last, but sometimes I just wish I could keep them small like this forever.

Abby and Max were each awarded student of the month. They were really excited and Charlie thought it was her big day too!

The other day Abby asked why she was the smallest kid in her class. I told her that people grow at different times. She didn't buy it. This picture is her and other kindergartners, the funny part is that the kids standing next to her aren't even the tallest ones.

Max, Charlie, and Abby

Fun Friday!


Christina said...
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Christina said...

sorry-that was my deleted comment above..apparently im having spelling issues!!?

so fun that you're settled in! what no pics of the new crib?!?! how nice of your mom to come help you--

the kids are SOOOO cute! i LOVE the photo of the 2 holding hands..i love that her backpack is half her size!

the rattlesnake is a little freaky--that would so be my rachel..she'd be enthrawled about watching it decompose..we recently bought 2 hamsters (im SO not a pet fan) and we've managed to already LOSE ONE! how does that happen!??! im not happy-im SURE its in my bed by now-LOVELY!

Leanne said...

Christina- I've been tempted to buy a hampster but haven't for the fear it would escape like yours did. Good luck finding it!

Jared & Kelli Salter said...

Yeah! Welcome back. I thought we lost you there for a little bit... I love the pic of Max holding Abby's hand, so precious...I'm so excited I'm coming in January so I can see your new house and you and the kids, I guess we can throw Ryan in that mix too. :)

Keep posting!!


Emily said...

So glad your back from all your trippin, it's good to see pictures of your cute kids again. The boys can hardly stand that picture of Max with the snake, they are soooo jealous.

Ann said...

Loved all of the pictures. I've missed keeping up with your 3 adorable kids. Big Congratulations to Abby and Max! As for the dead baby rattler...I screamed before I read the caption. The decomposing thing must be far, far away when Grammy comes to visit.

Kliss said...

I am glad to see you are back in business. I've missed hearing about your family. Max is the best big brother. I love that picture.

Christina said...

if the hamster STAYS in the cage..then you're good..but my girls like to "pet" their sarah lost hers originally in the SURE its hiding in some corner of some stuffed closet..i will have to eventually "smell" my way to find it i fear!!

Kimberly said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I loved all the pictures. You must be so proud of your adorable kids. I can't wait to see them!