Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Abby!

Abby was so excited for her 5th birthday she could hardly sleep the night before. The celebration started early in the morning and continued through the day and into the night. When it was all done she said "that was the best day ever!". Then she asked "when is my real party?".

Birthday breakfast.

We told her she could eat at any restaurant she wanted. This is what she chose. I hope it was for the playground and not the food.

The Family party.....at Mc Donald's

The "real" Polka Dot Party with her friends and Nana and Papa. Playing Flower Dots.

Charlie's turn.

Musical Dots.

Charlie didn't win.

When the music stopped this little girl voluntarily got out, smart girl :)

Lunch was circle PB&J's, grapes, cannon balls, & pink lemonade. For some reason the kids requested celery....who would have guessed.

Polka Dot Bingo.

What girl doesn't want a heart shaped polka dot cake? Make a wish!

The Birthday girl.


Christina said...

oh that was too cute--loved the "polka dot" theme--

scary that she picked mcd's for her lunch-i also hope it was for the playground-i cant even remember the last time we've been there?? probably some breakfast roadtrip nessessity?!?! hello-did i spell that right??!?! lets just say ive got 4 girls here and EVERYONE is ready for bed! or maybe im just the one ready for bed!! GeesH!

happy bday to Abby-she's SO cute!

Jared & Kelli Salter said...

Happy Birthday Abby, what a fun party. Where did you get the idea for a polka dot theme?? I love the girl that willingly left the game to sit next to Max, the expression on her face says it all. Miss you guys!



Ann said...

Loved all of the party pictures. The polka dot theme was adorable and a spotless garage to host it in...Leanne you NEVER cease to amaze me!

Emily said...

As always, so cute Leanne. I love that last picture of Abby.

Kliss said...

The polka dots were very cute. But the triple layer cake, now that is above and beyond.

PapaRandy said...

You would make Martha Stewart proud! In fact some of those photos look like something you would see in her zine.

Shannon said...

What a fun party! you are the best mom - do you give lessons?

Kimberly said...

Happy birthday, Abby, and to Ryan today! Wish we were there to celebrate with you!!

HeAtHeR* said...

Such a cute birthday party! I bet Abby LOVED it! You are a darling MOM! It was so fun to run into you the other day!

Ang said...

Abby's birthday party looks dreamy. I loved the cake. It's really adorable, and even from online it looks so yummy. Happy Birthday to Abby.

RSM said...

You pulled it off again Leanne. 2 parties in one week, very impressive. You never cease to amaze me!