Sunday, October 14, 2007


I recently was able to go on a trip to Maui with my good friend Autumn. We have been friends for almost 19 years. Her husband was on a fishing trip and Ryan was planning a surf trip so she and I decided to pack our bags and head for Hawaii.

We spent 5 days in Lahaina at a hotel right on the beach. It was beautiful! This is one of the many rainbows we saw during our trip. Amazing!

This is Autumn, we were like sisters growing up. She knows all my good secrets:) Not that I have any.

The view from the hotel was gorgeous! After getting in late we got up at 2:00 am to get ready for our volcano sunrise bike ride. We were planning to meet a guide in the lobby at 2:30, take a van to the top of a volcano at about 10,500 ft, watch the sunrise, bike down the volcano about 35 miles and finish it all off with breakfast at a cute little restaurant. We waited anxiously for our exciting adventure but nobody showed up. I called the agency and they said they were running late. We waited until 3:30 and called again, they had left without us. We later found out they tried to pick us up at the wrong Marriott on the other side of the island. We were bummed...

That night we went to a Luau. The food was excellent and the show was really fun.

Hula Dancers

Our second morning waking up at 2am. This time they came :)

On top of the volcano. A little cold but still very fun.

Okay it was freezing cold and at one point I asked myself why am I here in this freezing cold weather (I can't remember being so cold in my life!) and not on the beach getting a tan. Then I saw the colors of the sunrise start to come through the clouds and it was all worth it... until it started to rain.

This photo doesn't do the sunrise justice. It was breathtaking.

As soon as we were about 1/3 the way down the rain or should I say snow, no, snow is too soft, whatever it was it stopped, and we started to defrost. This picture is about 2/3 of the way down. We had so much fun!

The next morning we took a boat out to Lani Island and went snorkeling. We saw over 50 dolphins, two different species, it was so cool!

This little group was following the boat. It looks like a little family. If you look close, the one in the middle is a baby. It was the size of two cute!

The under water pictures didn't come out that great. This one cut my head off but I had to put it in for proof that I went snorkeling. I'm not a big fan of being with all the sea creatures, but Autumn really wanted to do it. In the end I was really happy I did it. I'm even holding a sea urchin!

Sea Turtle

Autumn holding a sea urchin. What a pro!

How could these hot litle ladies with no husbands and kids in sight not get picked up by guys? Well we did. Check out the abs on the guy below. He had some wandering hands too.

Autumn and I were both reading the book Twilight and this was the closest we could find to Edward. He was "a perfect statue, carved in some unknown stone, smooth like marble". He didn't say anything to us but if he had I know it would have sounded like velvet. :)

This guy was Autumns hot little number. Just kidding. We went to a magic show and dinner and Autumn was chosen to take part in his magic trick. What we thought might be really cheesy turned out to be really funny and a great magic show.

Emily told us about this cute little breakfast place. It was worth the wait in line to get in. We ate macadamia nut pancakes and fresh pineapple spears. Yum! Thanks Em.

We drove part of the famous road to Hana on our way to the airport.
Holy Cow it was a great trip! Thanks for sharing it with me Autumn.


Jared & Kelli Salter said...

Looks like a great trip. I appreciate the reference to it


Emily said...

What a fun trip. It looks like you guys did it all! I'm impressed you went snorkeling. I'm also glad you found the Gazebo and that you liked it.

Ann said...

Who needs Edward when you have Ryan? Looks like an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing all of the fun with pictures.

Rachel said...

I did that NIGHTMARISH early morning, colder than I have ever been, bike ride too! I couldn't believe how fast you could change climates. But once I finished it was worth it.

You may have mentioned that statue's abs, but look at yours! Please tell me you were flexing!

Christina said...

what?? it can be cold in hawaii?? how does that work!?! im such a wuss about anything cold!!
we did maui-stayed in that same area too--we did the 2 hour drive on the road to wherever it was-only it was CLOSED when we got there!! what the heck!??!?!
im NOT a fan of snorkeling! having all those little slimy fishes all over and around my legs freaked me out-i got back in the boat and told my hubby jon "the water is too cold" to which he replied "its hawaii-NOTHING HERE is cold!!"
i tried reading twilight-but after 150 pages gave up-loved the statue though--
what a fun gfriend getaway trip!

Kimberly said...

You look great Leanne! That looks like such a blast. You deserve a break. Hope the move is going (went?) well.

Kliss said...

What an amazing trip! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, but now that I know Edward is there, maybe I will make a bigger effort. That was too funny. I am impressed that you went snorkeling and held a sea urchin, it makes me cringe to think about it. Also, be grateful you returned to your temperate California climate, while I (and poor Autumn) will get to enjoy months of weather worse than your morning bike ride. You are so lucky!

*megan said...

I loved looking at the photos. Aren't girl trips a necessity?

Ang said...

Your photos made me wish I were there. Not at the volcano part; on the beach! I like the rainbow picture the best - that's just how I remember Maui. I am with Kliss on the climate thing. I wish Utah had your weather.