Sunday, September 23, 2007

What! No camping?

We were supposed to go on the church ward camp out but there was rain in the forecast so we opted out. The kids were pretty bummed so we did what any other loving parents might do in this situation... buy their happiness. We all went to Boomers and had a great time!

Max was in heaven..Pirates Cove mini golf

Bumper Boats got a little out of hand. Ryan pretty much drenched me with the water gun.

Ryan was being such a great dad and showing Max how to swing a bat like a pro in the batting cage.

Max swinging like a pro

Charlie wanted to play too


Abby loved the go carts, she is all about speed. Max and Ryan are above taking their victory lap.

After Boomers we went to Macaroni Grill for an early birthday celebration for Abby. I can't believe she will be 5!!!

It wasn't camping but it was a really great day!


Ann said...

Never heard of Boomers before but it looks like a lot of fun! Grammy would have definitely liked the Macaroni Grill part. Great pictures!

PapaRandy said...

Great photos full of fun. Keep on bloggin!

Kliss said...

Leanne, Good grief: Friday fun day, Boomers, you must be trying for Mom of the Year. You definitely are a fun mom. I can't let my kids see pictures or they will know what a dud I am. These pictures are great, your kids are so cute.

Emily said...

I'm with Kliss, you are outdoing yourself and my kids will not be looking at your blog! What a fun couple of days. I love that picture of Ryan and Abby - does she look like her dad or what!

Christina said...

oh fun friday sounds so fun!! i let my kids eat the "real" cereal for dinner (sugar cereal!!)'d be fun to do something with the kids right when they came home-thanks for the tip!

boomers is a fun place..and macaroni grill is even BETTER! i LOVE good grub!!

those photos are too cute..i SO hear ya on the photos with kids in diapers etc-what is it with kids??i have to always check what im printing for fear of being splashed on the evening news!!! what in the world?!??!