Monday, September 10, 2007

Vegas, Go Big or Go Home

Ryan had some Legal conferences to go to in Vegas so we packed up our bags and tagged along with him. Our flight was late, our rental car had been given to someone else and our room we had booked long ago was not available. It was passed midnight and the kids were good but over it. The lady at the hotel took pity on us and upgraded us to a pimped out 2,000 sq ft suite. We told the kids they were out of beds so we had to sleep on the floor in a really small room, Max said "that's OK mommy." When we opened the door to the room the kids went crazy!


Room with a view

Media room



Breakfast is served

Emily and the kids ditched school and took us all to Shark Reef

The kids were in their glory.

Abby is usually really scared of dogs but took a real liking to Cooper, she now says she wants to be a veterinarian. Charlie says "I wub Tooper" (I love Cooper)

We ate at a really great Sushi place then went to the Beatles Love show. It was amazing! Thanks David and Emily, we had a great night!

While Ryan was at his class I drove the kids to Nana and Papa's house and went to a great park. The kids had a blast.

We worked hard, we played hard, and we crashed hard. It was a great trip!


Jared & Kelli Salter said...

Vegas Baby! How fun

Ann said...

Loved the pictures! The "crash" in the car is precious. Trust Ryan to "luck out" in Vegas! When will you be getting a dog?

Kliss said...

What a blast! I can't believe that hotel room. With your luck, you should have hit the tables. Doesn't your Mom's place look good? I know they were excited to have you guys come, even if the visit was short. Way to go big.

Christina said...

holy cow!!! nice pimped out room!! i love how you told the kids they were getting the floor to sleep on-classic!

arent those water parks so fun-we have lots around here too--

oh that last picture-you need to do one of those credit card commercials-priceless!

Emily said...

You got some great pictures. I agree, the one where they are asleep in the car is the best. We had so much fun and I'm glad that Abbey liked Cooper, she's so cute.

PapaRandy said...

It could only happen in Vegas!

Ashley said...

Sweet hotel room! Ryan looks so young with his hair shaved off. Looks like a fun weekend.

Rachel said...

Whoa. I have only heard about those hotel rooms here in Vegas. Next time you get here and are homeless, or just doing something fun, call me! I would love to meet up!

Ang said...

"Suite" hotel. I'm clever ehh. Your kids are adorable!

*megan said...

How fun. Didn't even know you guys were going. Loved the photos.