Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Fun Day

Friday is a special day at our house, it is Friday Fun Day. When I pick the kids up from school we go to the park, play baseball, race, swing, and play all kinds of games. When we come home I make their favorite dinner and they get to watch a movie of their choice on the blow up bed in the playroom. This Friday was extra fun because their cousins Gavin, Miles, and Maddie (Josh and Rachele's little girl) came over to play!

Charlie had a lot of fun showing Maddie the slide.

Girls love pretending to be mommies! Yes, Charlie is picking her nose.

Abby and Gavin got a hold of the camera and took quite a few pictures. The one above and two below are ones they took themselves. I deleted a bunch of pictures of Abby changing her clothes and Gavin's bum(with shorts on). Megan and I had a good laugh when we saw them.

We had a great time at the park!


PapaRandy said...

I want to come a play on Fridays, can I?

Ann said...

Friday Fun Day huh? What a great idea. I wish could have seen the "deleted" pictures.

Rachel said...

I just have to say that they are the cutest bunch of kids I have ever seen. :o)

Ang said...

I love the slide on your stairs and can't believe the cute picture of Charlie that the kids took. Even they have your skill of photography. All the kids look like they are having a blast; actually the adults look pretty happy too.