Sunday, September 30, 2007


We did it! I don't think anyone has ever done it, but we did it. We surprised Ryan! You have to know the guy to appreciate the talent it took to make this happen. Christmas was never a surprise for this guy. On Christmas Eve Ryan would rip the wrapping paper open and peek at his gifts. Then he would rip his brothers' presents open and peek to see what they were getting. Every birthday he knew, every Valentines he knew, every holiday when a gift or event was planned he knew. Don't ask me how because I don't fully understand his powers, but it's true. So this last Friday night I rented out some lanes at a local bowling alley, invited all his friends, brought some bowling pin cupcakes and had Rob work his magic to get Ryan there on time. It was a recipe for success. Toward the end I was getting nervous that information had been leaked, but when he walked into the bowling alley the look on his face was proof he had been gotten. So many people showed up and as I looked around at all his friends who care about him and had made the effort to be there, it confirmed to me again that Ryan is such a great guy and I am happy and proud to be his wife.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What! No camping?

We were supposed to go on the church ward camp out but there was rain in the forecast so we opted out. The kids were pretty bummed so we did what any other loving parents might do in this situation... buy their happiness. We all went to Boomers and had a great time!

Max was in heaven..Pirates Cove mini golf

Bumper Boats got a little out of hand. Ryan pretty much drenched me with the water gun.

Ryan was being such a great dad and showing Max how to swing a bat like a pro in the batting cage.

Max swinging like a pro

Charlie wanted to play too


Abby loved the go carts, she is all about speed. Max and Ryan are above taking their victory lap.

After Boomers we went to Macaroni Grill for an early birthday celebration for Abby. I can't believe she will be 5!!!

It wasn't camping but it was a really great day!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Fun Day

Friday is a special day at our house, it is Friday Fun Day. When I pick the kids up from school we go to the park, play baseball, race, swing, and play all kinds of games. When we come home I make their favorite dinner and they get to watch a movie of their choice on the blow up bed in the playroom. This Friday was extra fun because their cousins Gavin, Miles, and Maddie (Josh and Rachele's little girl) came over to play!

Charlie had a lot of fun showing Maddie the slide.

Girls love pretending to be mommies! Yes, Charlie is picking her nose.

Abby and Gavin got a hold of the camera and took quite a few pictures. The one above and two below are ones they took themselves. I deleted a bunch of pictures of Abby changing her clothes and Gavin's bum(with shorts on). Megan and I had a good laugh when we saw them.

We had a great time at the park!

Monday, September 17, 2007

surf contest

Ryan and friends held thier First Annual Surf Contest. Here are a few waves of my pumpkin rippen it up. He's so cute when he surfs!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

S is for Saturday

Surfing early with friends

She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore


more Sand


and Smiles

Monday, September 10, 2007

Vegas, Go Big or Go Home

Ryan had some Legal conferences to go to in Vegas so we packed up our bags and tagged along with him. Our flight was late, our rental car had been given to someone else and our room we had booked long ago was not available. It was passed midnight and the kids were good but over it. The lady at the hotel took pity on us and upgraded us to a pimped out 2,000 sq ft suite. We told the kids they were out of beds so we had to sleep on the floor in a really small room, Max said "that's OK mommy." When we opened the door to the room the kids went crazy!


Room with a view

Media room



Breakfast is served

Emily and the kids ditched school and took us all to Shark Reef

The kids were in their glory.

Abby is usually really scared of dogs but took a real liking to Cooper, she now says she wants to be a veterinarian. Charlie says "I wub Tooper" (I love Cooper)

We ate at a really great Sushi place then went to the Beatles Love show. It was amazing! Thanks David and Emily, we had a great night!

While Ryan was at his class I drove the kids to Nana and Papa's house and went to a great park. The kids had a blast.

We worked hard, we played hard, and we crashed hard. It was a great trip!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Surf's Up

This video is of Max doing what he does best, impersonating television or movie stars he likes. We had just watched the animated movie Surf's up and Max wanted to surf like Big Z. If you watch him closely you can see him bowing to the wave just like Big Z does in the movie. It's way too cute.
As you can see I am really excited I figured out how to post video on my blog. I promise I won't do it every time.

surfer boy

Surf's Up

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Well we've taken' it to another level! What you are about to see was not done out of pressure or force. Max wanted to be like Survivorman, his favorite show, and eat a beetle. We found this dead almost dehydrated bug on the beach and Max wanted to eat it but was scared. Ryan enticed it with $5 if he really did it. If you listen closely in the "Take 2" video, Charlie is telling him not to eat it, it's a bug.


Take 1


Take 2


Take 3