Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The things kids say...

Sadly summer is coming to an end so the kids and I are getting as much beach time in as possible. They love splashing, swimming, surfing, pretending and just relaxing. My kids are at the age where they just jibber jabber all day. When I stop and listen it always leads to a good laugh. Some examples are..

Charlie starts the prayer by saying "Dear Heavenly pooh pooh" Max and Abby start laughing then she continues by saying "thank you for diarrhea", now Abby and Max are almost crying they are laughing so hard and Ryan and I are doing our best to keep a strait face. We hate to discourage her saying the prayer but every time she says it it pretty much goes the same way.

Max was looking at my face and I noticed him looking at one particular place. I asked "Max are you looking at my mole" he finally admitted he was. He acted weird about it so I asked him if he thinks it's gross. He said no, but I think they freak him out. Abby heard and is now telling people that Max is freaked out about the mold that is growing on mommy's face.

We dropped the kids off in New York while Ryan and I were in Barbados. When we came back from our trip Max asked us why Papa wears a bikini in the hot tub. After expressing our child's concern to Ann and Randy we found, while in Europe, Randy had discovered the comfort and freedom of the speedo.

We were at the beach and I was teaching Max and Abby how to do cart wheels. They were having a lot of fun so Charlie came to me and said "mommy I wanna do fart wheels too".


Ashley said...

I love it, especially Charlie's prayers. Also, those pictures are great! Nice photography.

Emily said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That is so funny, however - I read this last night and you have removed one of Max's questions!! I was going to ask you how you answered that one.

Rachel said...

Maddie says some interesting things sometimes too. What kind of camera do you have? The pictures look very nice.

Leanne said...

I have a panasonic Lumix. It does take good pictures but I also have picassa, downloaded it free at picassa.com, and it helps me sharpen the pictures.