Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ship's ahoy!

Yesterday everyone from Ryan's work and their families went on a big yacht in Huntington Beach. We drove around the harbor then up the coast and docked the boat somewhere in Long Beach. We ate lunch at this really great place then cruised back to the boat owner's house on the water. By the time we got back home our babysitter (Brittany) was there to watch the kids while Ryan and I took Ann to the movies and then ice cream. The kids had a great time and we had a great was a good day.


Gangway! Here comes Abby

The crew...

Me hearties!

The Quarters. How would you like to live there? Pretty nice...huh


The rations...yum

Too cute!


christina said...

what a fun outing! the food looks GRUB!

that house IS amazing-i bet it comes complete with maids and chefs! so not fair...

Ann said...

Loved the photos. What a fun outing for the family....and thanks for the chick flick and Cold Stone!

Jared & Kelli Salter said...

Leanne I love how you have taken to blogging, you post more than I do...Looks like a fun day yachting.


Kliss said...

I bet this was a dream come true for Max. How fun! It reminded me of how Ryan wanted to have house boat when you first moved to San Diego. Is that still in the plans? What better place to raise kids?

Ang said...

I'm jelous. You have too much fun!