Thursday, August 30, 2007

Salsa, Marinara Sauce, and Nachos

It has been HOT in the Harris kitchen! Felicity and I with the major help of Ann canned 40 pints of homemade salsa. Thanks Ann. We had a great time but I miscalculated and had a lot of tomatoes left unused so I decided to can marinara sauce. Since the two older kids were in school I had my little helper with me to help make the sauce. She was pretty excited and we had a great time. We made 16 pints of sauce.

The kids got a little crazy tonight going to bed and decided to dress up like Nacho Libre. I had to post it. Yes, that is the girls underwear.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 down 1 to go

It's back to school time! The kids and I have had mixed emotions about it. Max found out most of his friends from last year were going to be in the same class so he was really excited. Abby was denying the fact she would be attending kindergarten all summer. Luckily a few days before it started she thought if this "school thing" was something Max was excited about maybe it wouldn't be that bad. Thank goodness! Charlie on the other hand, was not too thrilled her two buddies were off on a great adventure without her. In a weird way, dealing with her helped me not cry as I sent my little boy and innocent little girl out to the wolves. Hey, being stuck at home with mom isn't that bad right? Well, maybe it is.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ship's ahoy!

Yesterday everyone from Ryan's work and their families went on a big yacht in Huntington Beach. We drove around the harbor then up the coast and docked the boat somewhere in Long Beach. We ate lunch at this really great place then cruised back to the boat owner's house on the water. By the time we got back home our babysitter (Brittany) was there to watch the kids while Ryan and I took Ann to the movies and then ice cream. The kids had a great time and we had a great was a good day.


Gangway! Here comes Abby

The crew...

Me hearties!

The Quarters. How would you like to live there? Pretty nice...huh


The rations...yum

Too cute!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holy Crabs!

Max and Abby wanted me to post these pictures of them with the sand crabs they found. Abby held her crab and named it Sandy. Max took the big one into the surf with him. Charlie, well, let's just say at one point I thought her crab was dead. They wanted to bring them home but decided it was best to set them free to be with their families.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The things kids say...

Sadly summer is coming to an end so the kids and I are getting as much beach time in as possible. They love splashing, swimming, surfing, pretending and just relaxing. My kids are at the age where they just jibber jabber all day. When I stop and listen it always leads to a good laugh. Some examples are..

Charlie starts the prayer by saying "Dear Heavenly pooh pooh" Max and Abby start laughing then she continues by saying "thank you for diarrhea", now Abby and Max are almost crying they are laughing so hard and Ryan and I are doing our best to keep a strait face. We hate to discourage her saying the prayer but every time she says it it pretty much goes the same way.

Max was looking at my face and I noticed him looking at one particular place. I asked "Max are you looking at my mole" he finally admitted he was. He acted weird about it so I asked him if he thinks it's gross. He said no, but I think they freak him out. Abby heard and is now telling people that Max is freaked out about the mold that is growing on mommy's face.

We dropped the kids off in New York while Ryan and I were in Barbados. When we came back from our trip Max asked us why Papa wears a bikini in the hot tub. After expressing our child's concern to Ann and Randy we found, while in Europe, Randy had discovered the comfort and freedom of the speedo.

We were at the beach and I was teaching Max and Abby how to do cart wheels. They were having a lot of fun so Charlie came to me and said "mommy I wanna do fart wheels too".

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beverly Hills

Friday night Ryan and I went to Beverly Hills with our friends Kyle and Whitney. We went to the live recording of The Last Comic Standing. We've watched the show a few times so it was really fun to see the comics do their acts in real person.

Bill Bellamy is the the host and in charge of keeping the croud entertained while the camera crew was doing their thing. He was hilllarius! So if you are watching Last Comic Standing on Wedensday night, you might see us on TV.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goin' back to Cali

We had a great time in New York, as usual, but we are now back in Cali. The weather is great and the water is warm so we headed to the beach. It doesn't matter if you are in New York sand or California sand, life is good at the beach.

Papa Randy playing in the New York sand with the girls . They had so much fun Abby didn't want to leave.

Charlie and Grammy were sporting their shades while Scarlett was sporting her "Gun's & Roses" shirt. I know you love it Ann :)

The kids back in the California sand. They are loving the beach but missing their cousins. Ash, are you coming to Cali with the boys?

Max meditating before his evening surf.

Charlie trying to balance while watching her daddy killing it on his surf board.

Friday, August 10, 2007

New York, New York

Grammy watched the kids while Ryan and I took a train into the city.

We took a really fun bike taxi from Grand Central Station to Broadway to see Legally Blonde. We weaved in and out of cars and saw a lot of the sights. 20 minutes and $40 later we arrived. We later discovered it was only 2 blocks away :)

We closed the night out with shopping, Hard Rock Cafe and ice cream. We took the train back and got home at about 3:00 am. It was a great night!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm a blogger!

Kelli helped me set up my own blog so now I am a blogger! Hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading yours.

Here are some pictures of our trip to Grammy and Papa's house. The kids are having a great time playing with Toby, Ben, and baby Scarlett. It's hot outside so we are keeping busy with lots of water activities.

Stay tuned for more blogging.